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Middlesex Transition AcademyTop of Page

A student using a laptop
A student playing a guitar for another student
2 students taking a test
2 students sitting at a table
A student writing on some paper
2 students playing chest in a park
Students using computers
A student and a teacher with sugar cube sculptures

Community OutingsTop of Page

3 old buildings on Main Street
3 students playing basketball
A student painting a plate
A student walking on a beach
A student smiling for the camera
A student standing in front of a waterfall
Students in large inner tubes floating in a pool
A teacher and a student at a store

Vocational ExperiencesTop of Page

A student cleaning exercise equipment
2 students looking intently at something
A student sorting mail
A student next to a tractor
A student wearing a reflective vest pushing a shopping cart
2 students holding baby goats
A student cleaning a chair
2 students washing the glass door of a store