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Middlesex Transition Academy follows the Regional School District #13 calendar

School Closings

  • If Regional School District #13 is closed, the Middlesex Transition Academy is closed.
  • If the sending school district is closed on a day when Regional School District #13 is open, parents from the sending school district have the option of transporting their child to the Middlesex Transition Academy.

Delayed Openings

  • If Regional School District #13 has a two hour delayed opening, the Middlesex Transition Academy will have a two hour delayed opening. Note: Students should arrive at 10:30am.
  • If Regional School District #13 has an early dismissal, the Middlesex Transition Academy will have an early dismissal. The early dismissal time is 12:05pm.
  • If the sending school district has a delay or an early dismissal on a day when Regional School District #13 is open, parents will follow the schedule of the sending school district. Note: This may result in a late arrival to the Middlesex Transition Academy or an early departure.
Whenever a school cancellation or late opening is necessary, every effort will be made to contact area TV channels as soon as possible. The channels designated to make the announcements for Regional School District 13 include: WTIC channel 61, WFSB channel 3, WVIT channel 30, WTNH channel 8. We are listed as Regional School District 13 and MTA. You can also sign up for text alerts from any of the stations listed above.